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1. Go through the drive-through and order a fur-burger. Wait until they think they know what you said. Drive around and tell them that it's wrong.

2. Stand in the lobby as if you want to order something. Stay there for a really long time (like hours), and then leave.

3. Be rude, the people who work there are paid to put up with you.

4. See how far you can fit into a garbage can.

5. Go up to the counter and order a really big order. Tell them that you left your money in your car. Stay outside for awhile. Come back in and complain that your food is cold.

6. Go through the drive-through. Order something and drive off.

7. Decorate the bathroom with toilet paper.

8. Violate the dress code. Come in with no shirt or no shoes.

9. Bring your large or strange pet into the resturant (farm animals work really good for this one).

10. When ordering something, order something that their competitor makes.

11. Insist that your order is wrong, even if it isn't.

12. Insist on having your burger plain with extra pickles and kechup or some other weird concoction.

13. Insist on getting brand new fried.

14. When it's really busy, run up to the counter and insist on talking to a manager-- RIGHT AWAY!

15. Ask the person who helps you what is in every sandwich that they make (they usually won't know).

16. Throw away full drinks, then poke a hole in the garbage bag.

17. Make a mess at your seat and then tell a worker to clean it up.

18. Spill things (sauces like kechup work great fot this one).

19. Telephone them for stupid reasons like asking what toy is in their childrens meal.

20. Schedule a birthday party. An hour before it is supposed to occur, call them up and cancel.

21. Tell your life story to the person who helps you.

22. Call them and say that you've got a souple of busses with 200 kids that will be stopping in their store-- and you don't.

23. Bring a bunch of friends with you into their resturant. Buy one drink. Share it with your friends. Keep going back for refills. Let them see you doing this.

24. Ask them for a job application and write down phony information.

25. Smoke in the non-smoking section.

26. Steal all of the napkins and straws. Go back and complain that there are no napkins and straws.

27. Write obscene things on the walls.

28. Steal all of the ash trays from the smoking section.

29. Buy 10 different things and insist on paying for all of them seperately.

30. In the bathroom stalls write; "For a good time call..." then write the phone number of the resturant.

31. Try to sneak into the kitchen. If/when you get caught, claim to be innocent.

32. Complain about the background music.

33. Go up to the counter and talk to yourself about the food and how unhealthy it is. Then decide not to buy anything.

34. Walk around the resturant and press down the buttons on everybody's soda lids.

35. Talk to anyone who passes by about politics in an obscure country.

36. Come in and pick a worker. Stare at this worker. Do this often. Always pick the same worker.

37. Introduce yourself to the person who helps you and have them do the same (even if they're wearing a nametag).

38. Walk around muttering to yourself. Then ask a nearby person if they heard a word you just said. Complain about their rudeness and then storm off.

39. Pay with a hundered dollar bill and insist on getting your change in quarters.

40. Tell them that you're not satisfied with the food that that you want to talk with the person who made it. Argue with them for awhile.

41. Pretend that you're deaf and you can't hear them.

42. Repeat everything that they say to you.

43. Answer every question with another question.

44. Bring a stereo into the resturant with you. Play it loudly. Complain that you can't hear them.

45. When the floor is wet, fall purposely and threaten a lawsuit.

46. When you order, change your mind often.

47. Tell them that you don't want your food microwaved. When they give it to you, insist that the food was microwaved anyway.

48. Jump up on the counter and scream "THEY'RE AFTER ME!!!!"

49. Pay with pennies. Don't have them in rolls. Count slowly.

50. Make speeches in the resturant about vegitarianism.

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