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Although the Rocky Horror Picture Show marks O'Brien's motion picture debut, he is no stranger to performing. Born in New Zealand in 1943 and married to Kimi Wong, a Transylvanian, with whom he has recorded rock singles under the name "Kimi and Ritz", he appeared in the London productions of Hair with Tim Curry, and Jesus Christ Superstar, under the direction of Jim Sharman. He played the part of a strange creature in sam Sheppard's The Unseen Hand before originating the role of Riff Raff in the London production of the Rocky Horror Show. He recreated that role on Broadway and again in the movie.

After winning the London Evening Standard's award for the Best Musical of 1973 with The Rocky Horror Show, O'Brien returned to writing for the theater. His play Disaster - featuring Patricia Quinn and Jonathan Adams, with costumes by Sue Blane - opened in London during the summer of 1978. The bizarre musical closed the same summer. The critics decided that it wasn't that good.

He then went on to write and also star in another movie, which has been described as the "unofficial sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show" , called Shock Treatment. This was first referred to as the further adventures of Brad and Janet. This takes the two characters into a television studio. The movie is kept going by the different "programs" that are being "filmed". Each "show" is a way to make the plotline move along. It is very smoothly done and he should be commended for it. Richard O'Brien returns to a new character with and old feel. Cosmo Nation. Patricia Quinn helps with the feel by playing his sister and insinuated "more-than-friends" associate. They run the mental ward "show" and dutifully admit Brad into it. Charles Gray also returns to play an actual main part. He helps to get the couple, Brad and Janet, back together and cancel their "series."



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10."Racing Game, The" (1979) (mini) TV Series[Actor .... Cowboy] 11.Odd Job, The (1978)[Actor .... Batch] 12.Jubilee (1977)[Actor .... John Dee] 13.Rocky Horror Picture Show, The (1975)[Actor .... Riff Raff] [Composer (from play "The Rocky Horror Show")] [Writer (also play The Rocky Horror Show)] 14.Nightmare Honeymoon (1973)[Actor .... Sheriff] ... aka Deadly Honeymoon (1973)

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